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Me with floofy hair and a Schuldig-esque bandanna

I posted this on tumblr on Friday and then promptly lost it since I didn't tag it. But I feel like this was a selfie that needed to be shared because in that moment, I felt like I was channeling Schuldig from [ profile] viridian5's Weiss Kreuz stories (specifically Glass Houses because wow talk about formative fiction. Unfortunately, I had to tone down how much I felt Schuldig-y though because I was going out for serious and sad reasons but here's hoping that I get to look and feel like Schuldig again at a more socially acceptable time.

And that I can get my hands on a Crawford on my own haha
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as my interest dies.

Note: If you're just going to reblog this/comment to complain about how I don't know anything about race, the film/television industry, or comic book culture/history, please just move on by. This post is not for you and you won't learn a damn thing from it.

Maybe I am in fact being a little pessimistic with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it's all because of Joss Whedon's body of work (of which I'm not entirely a fan despite being well familiar with it). I prefer to complain now and possibly be pleasantly surprised later than buy into the hype and have Whedon disappoint me for the nth time.

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