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I'm attempting to write, edit, and then self-publish a small anthology of queer and faintly twisted fairytales so that I can have some non-commission related money coming in because basically only my friends/their friends will commission me, but most people will buy books out of the blue because they look cool (which reminds me that I'm going to need to scrounge up some money in order to commission someone to do the cover for me whenever its finished).

I've never seriously tried to do something like this before and I'm a bit nervous because I'm still basically a beginner at writing in most definitions of the word, but no one's hiring in my area and all I have to me are my writing skills and my ability to be really cute and get people to feed me when I'm hungry. The latter won't bring in any money at all, but the former... might?

Please wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts?