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(that I didn't expect to love)

Injustice: Gods Among Us -a post about this is forthcoming, but I'm backlogged with my writing so it'll be a while since I've only gotten to play the darn storymode once. Let's just say that even though the plot is not so good, that I still had way more fun with it in my little play session than I expected to have.

Les Miserables - Oh man, I'm still slowly picking my way through the book, but the musical was AMAZING and I keep bursting into song at the most inopportune moments

Teaching! - I had so much  fun teaching yesterday and I just really love kids. I just need to work on being more confident and also sterner because if it had been a pre-K class instead of a first grade class, I'd have been lost because I just want to love on them for ever because they're babies. Gosh.