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I've been on a roll lately with the topic of fandom and feedback and now I'm doing a survey.

If you participate in fandom via creating work (any work at all!), please check out this survey I'm doing. I'll post graphs and analysis in the weeks to come and no personal or identifying details are necessary. So far results are a little different than I expected and I really look forward to going over them in depth. 

Survey here!

Here's the Tumblr post to reblog so I can get a larger sample size, but feel free to share this any way that you want so that I can get the largest possible sample size. (And if someone would be a dear and ask the Organization of Transformative Works if this is something they'd be interested in sharing/retweeting, that'd be great since thinking about doing that gives me chills.)

Note: If you're the kind of person who thinks that fannish people shouldn't want recognition for working hard and using their talents for fandom, don't tell me that you feel that way. I've already gone through it once for the night and it wasn't cute the first time.

Tentative Questions I'm looking to answer in part or full (New as of 6/25 @ 11AM): 
  1. What common factors seem to lead to fandom satisfaction?
  2. What common factors seem to lead to fandom dissatisfaction?
  3. How widespread is fandom satisfaction and which fandoms represented in the survey have the most positive responses and experience? 
  4. Ditto for fandom dissatisfaction and negatives.
  5. How does the age of the fandom have anything to do with things like popularity/feedback? (this one requires legwork after the survey results are in.)
  6. Does the length of participation in fandom link up to fandom satisfaction?
  7. How does popularity (marked in this survey by people who had positive responses the categories feedback received, self-assigned level in fandom, and followers for starters) measure up with satisfaction? (This is going to be a little difficult but I want to see if there's a link between the two)
  8. In the responses of people who filled in the explanation section for dissatisfaction, what common words or phrases show up most often?
  9. How can I get access to the people that took the survey so far to get the positive responses to fill out an addendum?
After I collect data and go to different fandom communities as a lurker to look at fandom satisfaction all over the internet, I'm probably going to do another survey so I can look deeper at the results. I realized after the fact that I forgot to put in the explanation section for people who are happy with their fandom experience so far so the second survey would definitely have something to that effect since at the amount of respondents so far, I couldn't possibly add another answer set.


ETA: Because apparently, mentioning my personal feelings about feedback equals "weighting" the questions/survey to get a specific answer (so not true). I've removed the initial why for my focusing on fandom and have replaced it with the current list of the questions I will be working on answering or coming close to answering because I may not get the fandom sample size that I want.