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Since I still have the hiatus code up on my main main tumblr blog and Angie and I are sharing a serious blog on the site, I don't exactly have many places to post serious life-affirming no-more-bullshit posts.

But this is my mid-year's resolution and I'm sticking to it with fandom because you know what, the people that know I don't like them don't let it bother them or change how they deal with fandom, so why should I? I'm going to have fun in the DCU fandom because it's got good comics somewhere and I love the characters and the group of people I do actually surround myself with. So this is my mid-year's resolution and I'm going to stick to it even if it means adding a whole lot of people/terms to my tumblr savior list because I deserve to be happy and I have the means to make myself happy.


I can't change your opinion.

Sure, I can try. I can write posts about my side and my feelings and how much it hurts that people don't like me for arbitrary reasons such as disliking ships or BNFs or celebs that they like. I can even make videos with my face in them as though looking at my sad face will change the fact that people don't like me.

There's a lot that I can change in my life, but as for changing your opinion of me?

I think, it's sinking in slowly that I can't do that.

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