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: Some posts will be unlocked (mostly fan fiction/graphics), but for privacy's sake, the majority will be friendslocked and behind a cut. If you want access to my posts, friend me first and comment on this post if you want. I'm not granting access to just anyone that asks, but I'll try to either add most people or post some unlocked content.

Edited to add:

I can't yet figure out how to place a donate button on the blog itself for commissions and the like so for now it's going to have to be here. Please don't feel as though you have to donate to me (especially if you don't know me). I simply can't figure out the intricacies of code wrangling on dreamwidth and livejournal.

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Way too much woman for you?

Images came from the Power Girl series that ended in 2012. No textures, brushes, or smart objects were used in this very basic graphic.

(I forgot to post this here when I made it two months ago...)

ETA: I don't know what happened to the original image but I'll upload it elsewhere when I find it again and repost. Ah!
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I'm on babysitting duty today so while no writing has been done yet, the niece and I did play with legos for several hours. This doesn't *really* count as a story, but I hope it's cute enough to serve as a distraction until I can get one up.

Also: my "Hush" minifig is really the Bruce Wayne minifig.

(Originally posted July 29, 2013 on my old fan fiction tumblr.)


Click for hot Lego action )