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For the story I'm about to post.

(Will be updated if I develop the universe further.

  • Naeem Daniels = Mother is former nobility in Egyptian magic circles. Father is upper-class African American wizard with ties to businesses in both worlds. Top in his graduating class at the wizarding school in their area. (Is queer but I wasn't able to show it in this story since Josie doesn't actually know about it and I was trying to limit myself)
  • Josie Booth = Orphan. Lives with her Aunt Selma and many cousins in a tenement in Harlem. Graduated second in her class (after Naeem) but because her family is poor and she's the only one to show magical promise, she doesn't get very far in magical society. Modeled after Tiana's original designs in the concept art
  • The council is like the Ministry of Magic except there are local councils and no national ones. The Council as Naeem and Josie know it only encompasses New York.
  • It's also segregated as hell (because well... this is the 1920s...). Despite his magical ability and background, Naeem still isn't allowed into certain events as anything more than a bodyguard.
  • Warlock = like an Auror but prone to more frequent uses of lethal force
  • Mundane = a person without magical abilities
  • Charmed jewelry = holds specific spells so that a caster doesn't need to do more than think about what they're casting. Automatic spells for protection and healing are the most likely.

Notes written after September 14th

  • Necromantic wizards come mainly out of New Orleans and are feared/closely monitored by the Council
  • Mundane > Practitioner > Witch > Wizard > Warlock > Councilmember = in terms of power level, position in the magical hierarchy, and skill designation
  • Mundane, Councilmember, Practitioner don't get additional terms or definitions tacked on but everyone else sort of does (like "Weather Witch" or "Hearth Witch" or "Necromantic Wizard")
  • Council members have more sociopolitical clout than everyone in the community but that doesn't mean that they have more magical skill
  • 1920s sexism means that despite their skill, there are few ladies (and fewer ladies of color at that) being put up to the level of Wizard and none classified as warlocks.
  • Josie's full name is probably Josephine but no one calls her that except her aunt when she's real mad and the council when they want to dress her down
  • A very formal type of Latin is used by the upper ranked wizards as a sign of class and all that. The fact that most people in Harlem can't speak Latin to save their lives is just one way to  moderate who has the power (but they can channel their power elsewhere)

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What's eating you? (1783 words) by Miss Synph
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Josie is a witch and a waitress and usually, she’s damn good at being both. On what’s shaping up to be a very bad day for her, someone from Josie’s past walks into the cafe and makes everything that much harder to deal with