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Authors are organized in alphabetical order with a selection of their best Bruce/Dick works complete with content warnings and ratings.

These are not all of the Bruce/Dick stories out there and there are many more writers popping up every day writing stories for this pairing. It will be updated as more writers start writing fan fiction for this pairing.

Work on the list is done by myself and Epigenetics and the google doc form of this list is here. Feel free to share with your friends!






Another Icarus (AO3/Tumblr)

Good Night’s Sleep
Rating: Teen
Summary: It's been a little bit over a year since Bruce and Dick adopted a little girl. Returning home from business trips has never felt so good.

Speak Easy Series
Rating: Gen to Explicit
Summary: Dick Grayson's the owner of a prestigious club in 1920's Gotham. The Prohibition's trying to keep everyone dry, and the kingpin mobster is trying to get Dick under his thumb. And then there's Bruce Wayne, the cop not above doing whatever it takes to try and clean up his city.

The World Had Gone To Hell
Rating: Teen
Contains: Character Death
Summary: The world had gone to hell. Dick was tired of looking up at the other faces crowded around the campfire and trying to figure out who they would lose next. Never thought to count himself among those numbers.


Birdbitch (AO3/Tumblr)

Four Lives They Never Lived (and one they did)
Rating: PG - R
Summary: n/a (The story title is self-explanatory.)

Happily I Have to Disagree
Rating: Mature-Explicit/R-NC17
Contains: Sex Pollen
Summary: It’s the result of the pollen.

Like Shooting Stars
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Summary: Bruce knows him too well.

Bradygirl_12 (A03/Livejournal)

The Bat and the Angel
Rating: Gen
Summary: The Dark Bat is visited one snowy night by the Angel Of Sunshine.

Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Summary: Bruce needs and adores Dick, and proceeds to show him just how much.

Light to the Dark
Rating: Teen
Summary: Dick reflects on his relationship with Bruce.


Cavaleira (Livejournal)

Rating: PG
Summary: In the aftermath of Alfred's death, Bruce and Dick must finally confront their feelings for one another.

Cereta (AO3/Livejournal)

Hanging Work Series
Rating: Mature/R
Summary: Once there was a thing that never happened to Dick Grayson. In the grand spirit of not leaving well enough alone, it has now become a full-fledged Alternate Universe series.

ChangingLeads (Livejournal)

Surpassing Expectations
Rating: R
Summary: Their relationship is often unstable, sometime it’s even a disaster. But when it’s good, it’s so good, and right now, after being away, Dick is wanting so much it hurts.

Get What You Need
Rating: R/NC-17
Contains: Dubious consent/covert-noncon, sex work
Summary: Dick is a stripper struggling to get by, and Bruce always gets what he wants.

From the Heart
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Underage
Summary: 'Dick,' Bruce says softly, 'why are you doing this?' 'I want to,' Dick breathes. 'Don't you?'

Cocobunny (Ao3/Tumblr)

A Flock of Owls Series
Rating: Teen
Summary: N/A (Both stories in the series have individual summaries.

Stranger Girl
Rating: Mature
Contains: Identity Porn
Summary:The night feels washed, till Matches finds a hot broad with the prettiest blue eyes this side of Gotham. One kiss, and he’s hooked.

Sailing Through Gotham Skies
Rating: Gen
Summary: Dick decides to work in Gotham city tonight because he just can’t keep away from the city’s vigilante.

Cornflakepizza (AO3/Tumblr)

Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Contains: Food play
Summary: Dick manages to bring his true love into his sex life.


Darklady (AO3)

Hornet-verse Stories
Rating: Gen to Explicit
Summary: /A; see individiual stories

demon_faith (Livejournal)

Drifting between [Link to epilogue, which links to previous parts]
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nightwing's down, and the Batclan must pull together to avert tragedy.

Remade Trilogy
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Identity issues, mentions of assault, torture
Summary: N/A; see individiual stories

The Code
Rating: PG
Summary: Batman doesn’t do ‘feelings’, Bruce isn’t much better – that’s Dick’s job.

drvology (AO3)

Shadows & Truths
Rating: Mature
Contains: Underage
Summary: There are secrets we both know, that we alone keep.

Red Letter Day
Rating: Mature
Summary: Dick is missing. Batman has riddles, clues & indefatigable determination.

Rating: Explicit
Contains: Underage
Summary: Dick is expected to diligently study for his SATs. Bruce provides incentive.


Elise_Madrid (AO3/Livejournal)

An Inner Fire
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Sometimes, it takes a crisis for Bruce to admit how he feels.

Headed for a Fall
Rating: Explicit
Summary: After a tragedy, Dick questions his place in the world.

elynross (Livejournal/website)

Apart from what we wish and what we fear
Rating: Mature
Summary:Dick Grayson is at a crossroads, and there's something he needs to know.

Rating: Explicit
Summary: Ownership or 'in fact' possession of a freehold estate. Inferred here is an increasing degree of ownership with the passage of time, as the possessor makes productive use of the land. Seizin was originally not an estate, but a way to gain one, as by adverse possession. This is rooted in the Roman concept that whoever worked the land should be its owner.

Epigenetics (AO3/Tumblr)

time pulls a face when i’m next to you
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Maybe it’s just the fact that Dick’s going out of town for a while, and wants something visceral to remember the man by, something more than the comfortable space between them.

Look After You
Rating: G
Summary:"Right. Being felt up by Bruce Wayne can be taken off the to-do list, then."

(In which Bruce is back from not-death, Dick is recovering from a bullet to the head, and cuddle-time is had.)

Come into Me
Rating: G
Summary: This is Bruce letting go, and Dick loves him for it.




gloss (AO3/Dreamwidth)

The Pleasures of Civic Duty
Rating: Explicit
Contains: Identity porn, heterosexism, underage
Summary: "Just a boy good at heart, more brave than a man -- too brave to *become* a man."

Don't let me be your eyes
Rating: Mature
Summary: Some people cry at weddings; Dick’s turned on by them.


harriet_spy (Livejournal)

This whole experiment of green
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Summary: "A little madness in the Spring/ is wholesome" even in No Man's Land.