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I'm on babysitting duty today so while no writing has been done yet, the niece and I did play with legos for several hours. This doesn't *really* count as a story, but I hope it's cute enough to serve as a distraction until I can get one up.

Also: my "Hush" minifig is really the Bruce Wayne minifig.

(Originally posted July 29, 2013 on my old fan fiction tumblr.)


Hush ambushes Batman and Robin outside the Batcave.

"Don't move or I'll shoot," Hush says to a terrified Robin.

Despite Robin's obedience, Hush shoots anyway.

Hearing the gunshot and Robin's anguished cries from halfway around the world, Superman arrives in time to cradle Batman in his arms as the other hero dies.

Wonder Woman touches down just outside the cave with the intent to hurt Hush badly plainly visible in the tenseness of her body.

Wonder Woman and Superman disarm Hush while Robin hangs back with a batarang at the ready.

"You wouldn't kill me," Hush says, sneering at Superman's clenched fist. "You're too *good* for that."

But Superman punches him anyway because these are legos and they always respawn.


The End

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