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11/30/2014 - It's the holiday season and I won't be able to get back to substitute teaching until January (even though I should be back in Florida in as little as 2.5 weeks. So I'm opening uo commissions so that I can bring a little joy to my nieces' lives.

Here’s what I’m willing and able to write for you:
  • Most kinks-- I do not write non-con, bestiality, sex between more than four people, bestiality, or scat. That’s a blanket ban. If you wonder if I’ll write a kink for you that’s not up on that short list, please just ask.
  • All ratings of fiction
  • Alternate Universes
  • I will definitely write for the following fandoms: Teen Wolf, DCU as a whole (Batman, Superman, Young Justice, and the Teen Titans are my best subfandoms there), Marvel Movieverse + Comics, Batman Beyond, and Young Avengers.
  • I'm a bit iffy on anime fandoms, but if the story isn't set in Japan and I won't have to try and struggle not to mess up with honorifics, I'd be happy to write for you.
  • If you want something for a fandom that isn’t on that list, lemme know in a message and I’ll see what I can do.
  • I will write most ships. It’s kind of on an “ask if you’re worried” basis.
  • I will also write stories for your original characters (or heck, even my original characters if you're so inclined). Just give me whatever info you've got and I’ll write what you want.

For examples of my writing see my AO3 page.

For work that I’ve done specifically for commissions, here's a list of some completed commissions that I've done in the past.

Example stories:

To sleep (Kory/Raven) for miscella
Homecoming and Filling in the Blanks (OCs! Tavares/Zeke) for meyari
Mission Impossible (Teen Wolf/DCU crossover) for annafh
Wish Fulfillment (Bruce/Dick) for st00pz
Beta Bonding Session (Boyd/Isaac/Erica) for planetofthehats

All commission stories go through a rigorous editing process and I make sure that the stories are close to perfect before I post them.

Now let’s talk pricing!

(The pricing set up comes from a slightly modified version of what tumblr user silencingthedrums is using because I have been unable to figure out how to price commissions on my own. If you’ve got money to burn, consider checking out their commissions as well since they’re great!)
  • Up to 500 words = $5
  • 599-999-word drabbles = $10
  • 1000-1400- word pieces = $15
  • 1499-2000-word pieces = $25
  • Anything above 2000 words will have to be discussed (but I promise reasonable rates and usually won't ask for more if I write over the limit since it's not your fault).
Payment goes through paypal. Once we decide on commission details, I can either send you my paypal address or you can use the donate button located at the bottom of this page.

I would like to receive payment first if you want a $5, $10, or $15 story as they are the easiest to complete. For the other story lengths we can work something out that would be easiest for both of us.

If you’re interested in getting a commission from me, please email me at miss-synph at with details or questions or send me an ask. All I ask is that the word “Commission” be somewhere in the subject line and your tumblr/LJ name (if you have one) somewhere in the body of the message so that I can link to you/mention you in the finished work.

All stories will be completed as quickly as possible with updates in case something comes up. I’m only taking five commissions at a time (if I even get that many) so that I can have time to give each story the focus necessary to make it a masterpiece. I’ll put up a little page where I’ll post commission slots and info once I start getting interest.

Even if commissions aren’t a thing you guys can afford right now, linkage and some kind of sharing between your friend group would help a lot to get this out there. I've been working hard to try and get a job and it so far has been an utter waste. I have too much education experience for jobs like fast food and gas stations but no experience in retail or in my field. I'm doing my very best to help my mom stretch her money but I don't know how much I can do since no place seems willing to hire me.

If you can share this with your friends or link to it elsewhere so it can get out there since I no longer have a tumblr account, that would be really great. 

Thank you very much!
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