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I've got my priorities down flat, y'all.

I'm thinking 10+ drabbles set in a universe where Harley, Ivy, and Selina are detectives, lovers, and the last defense against supernatural threats that plague Gotham.

Lady focused but not just cis ladies. I'm planning for stuff like genderqueer!femme!Harley who takes whatever form feels right at the moment and dresses in cute things while killing other demons and for Alysia Yeoh to be a supernatural force in the city (maybe as a sidhe exile banished around the same time as Ivy?? Or a werehyena omg!!!) working with Cass and Barbara.

And of course, there'd be special appearances by Zatanna and Madam Xanadu and seriously, no Batman references. Maybe a few Bruce ones because he's such an integral part of Selina's life even when we're in Elseworlds, but not big ones because that's not what I'm bout right now.

Also racebent!Selina with my go-to faceclaim of Halle Berry because she was totally a werecat in that movie and I won't hear otherwise.

Aside from Harley/Ivy/Selina, I also am thinking about Babs/Alysia or Cass/Alysia, and Renee/vampire!Helena among other pairings. This is fly by pants stuff though so idk if I'll get to do everything I want to do, but I'm really excited!!!

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