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Anything older than a year is getting dumped here because I’m cleaning out my WIP folder since I have no time and very little desire to write most of the things within that heaping mess of a folder. Some of these things are older than a year and/or have been posted in earlier WIP dumps but then got placed back in the folder because I swore I’d write them but I swear I’m not going to do that again.

If anything catches your eye as a story starter or w/e, feel free to run with it because I’m putting these into my scrapped folder and probably won’t touch them again until I’m like 80. 

Pairings/Characters + Content: Lois/Clark/Dick, Ted/Michael/Jaime (implied underage), Joker + Harley, Tim Drake, Roy/Dick (sexist slur in title + implied alcohol consumption), Kyle/Donna/Jason (angst + self-loathing), Jason/Tim, Loki, Dick/Tim (dismissive imagery about hospitals and people in hospitals, ugh), Bucky/Stephanie, Tim/Kon (from the porn star AU), Renee/Barbara, future Scott/Stiles (animal/wereperson death), Selina/Diana, Harley/Ivy, Bruce/Dick (vampire AU where Bruce is a priest), future Bruce/Dick (criminal!Dick AU), Bruce + bb!Damian, Android!Damian, BruceDick (office AU), Dom/Lettie pre-relationship/pre-series stuff, Jason/Dick/Tim (jealousy, poly issues), Selina/Dick + future Selina/Bruce/Dick (Dick-as-Selina’s-sidekick AU), Bruce/Dick (AU where Jason is the first Robin and Dick is Bruce’s “trophy husband”, Batwing Stuff


Lois/Clark/Dick - from the adventures in polyamory series

“I want to watch you with Clark,” Lois says in a matter-of-fact tone of voice as she watches Dick blush all the way up to his ears and squirm against the couch where he sits between his lovers. The older woman has been trying figure out how to broach the subjects for weeks 


Super Boostle Threesome - possibly posted on my last WIP dump but idr

Ted’s hand is a heavy weight on Jaime’s shoulder, but the teenager doesn’t do more but lean closer so that it’s almost a hug. They sit in silence in front of the television in Ted’s living room, bodies touching in a way that would seem highly inappropriate to an uninitiated observer, until Jaime just can’t take it anymore.

He shifts on the couch until he’s facing the older man and pushes one hand through his dark hair. Thinking of what he can say to lighten up the mood is difficult, but finally Jaime thinks of something. “


Monster - Earth-666 (my original serious supernatural verse for the Batfam

The Joker is a monster, plain and simple.

Whatever made him, whatever birthed him into creation was something so horrible, that Tim doesn’t even think that he can start to imagine how something that awful wound up on this plane of existence. He’s almost thankful for the pain radiating from his scalp where his left horn has been broken off because it keeps him from actually thinking about his situation.

Harley Quinn, the Joker’s pet werehyena, sits across from him in 


Written for a meme prompt that didn’t pan out. 

Timothy Drake-Wayne is ten years old.

He’s a big boy, more than old enough to sit outside of Lex Luthor’s shiny office in front of the big black desk where Miss Mercy is sitting with a frown on her pretty face and pretend that he isn’t bored out of his mind. His adoptive father had offered him the chance to come inside the office and listen to the grownups do business and Tim had said no thanks, but… He’s wishing that maybe he had been a little bit less mature.


Red-Headed Sluts - for the Arrow kink meme, didn’t pan out either

Roy and Dick don’t get to go on dates that much anymore. Between part-time vigilante work, their respective day jobs, and taking care of Lian, they barely have time to kiss each other before they’re falling asleep on the couch.

That’s why this night is so them. This is the first night in a long time where they both have the night off from patrol and Lian is in Star City with Mia and Connor. Roy doesn’t know when they’ll get another chance to spend time with each other without their daughter interrupting them and so the first thing he does when he gets off from work at the auto shop is to send a text to his boyfriend.

Clubbing tonight?

Five minutes later as Roy is finishing up putting gas in his bike at the gas station down the street from his job, his cell phone starts to ring.

“You always seem to know when I need to go have fun,” Dick purrs, his husky voice coming out slightly tinny through the



Sometimes Jason isn’t sure what the hell he’s doing wrapped up in Donna and Kyle’s lives. It’s not that they’re strangers and he’s the interloper, not really, but sometimes when he’s in their bed with their bodies bracketing him on either side as they sleep but he remains painfully wide awake… Sometimes he feels like he doesn’t belong because he doesn’t have anything of his own.

Sometimes he doesn’t think that he deserves to have anything of his own. 


Wild Humping Sprees - from that JayTim high school AU that got really popular before fizzling out when someone else inevitably did it better + without jumping all over the narrative

Tim is almost naked, Jason thinks to himself as he watches his boyfriend play absently with a pool skimmer that had been stuck in one of the arms of the pool chairs outside of his house. Tim is almost naked and there’s no one else around to see Jason’s smile as he takes in all of the things that make Tim so attractive to him.

That pale skin —surface scarred up from a childhood spent


This was supposed to be the second in a series of stories about Thor and Loki as step-siblings in high school and blah blah blah

Sometimes, Loki doesn’t understand why he’s still friends with Amora. She’s the closest friend that Loki has that isn’t related to him or one of Thor’s obnoxious friends, but she’s still awful more times than not. She’s the only witch that Loki knows that goes to their school, but she still makes a point to 


Indulge the Other - A direct sequel to play it close to the vest that got dropped when I remembered that Dick/Tim is only a thing I ship under very specific circumstances and my own writing isn’t enough to make me be okay with the ship

Part One

For all that he has never spent much time in one before; Tim Drake hates hospitals with a passion.

He hates everything about them, from the nurses that rush around with blank but faintly worried looks on their faces to the sick, dying, and dead people that Tim can smell without really trying to use his extra senses.

Tim’s fingers clench into fists that sends his fingernails digging into his palm and cutting the flesh before the slight pain registers. Tim forces himself to breathe through his mouth and hide his distaste as he follows Detective Richard Grayson down the winding white hospital hallways past people that smell of death and disease.

It wouldn’t do to have something resembling a panic attack before he even had a chance to see his parents, Tim thinks to himself as they walk in near companionable silence. But like all things, Tim’s forced calm soon evaporates when they reach an area with more people and the echoes of suffering intensify. Tim isn’t even a particularly empathic demon —his abilities are less… personal— but he can hardly ignore the way that the hospital just feels wrong.

“How can people live like this,” Tim mutters under his breath as he walks alongside the detective through the hallways that led to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. They’re closer now than they were before, but Tim still can’t pick up on his parents’ scents amongst all of the others. “They’re all so sick.”

Tim has seen sickness before in many different forms, but there is nothing as upsetting as seeing humans forced to exist in hospitals while hooked up to tubing and machinery that barely kept them alive.

“How soon will we get to my parents’ room, Richard?” Tim asks when they turn into another hallway that is almost void of patients.

The taller man pauses in his long strides and turns to face Tim, undoubtedly picking up on something in the younger man’s tone. “I thought I told you to call me Dick,” he says, voice coming out as a low whisper. He squints as he looks at Tim’s face and then frowns at whatever he sees there. “What’s wrong, Tim?” He glances around the hallway and then gently urges Tim to follow him into an empty room that looks as though it has never been used before. “Are you okay?”

At first, Tim considers lying. He even opens his mouth to say that he’s fine before the realization that he doesn’t have to lie for once hits him like a shock to the heart. Dick isn’t one of the humans out there that thinks he’s a pampered playboy in the style of Gotham City’s Bruce Wayne. He’s not in it for Tim’s money. Dick might actually be one of the few people that Tim knows that likes Tim for himself.

“I don’t like hospitals,” Tim eventually spits out with a sidelong glance at the empty hospital room and its bed that still smells like antiseptic, telling himself that understating his feelings isn’t the same as an outright lie. “And I don’t like that my parents are here in a place like this. It’s not right.” He frowns up at Dick, feeling the skin around his eyes tighten up. “It’s unsafe and unhealthy.”

The slight tilt to Dick’s head is hard to miss even in the flickering fluorescent light as is the confused look as his eyes sweep over Tim’s form. “It’s a hospital,” Dick says slowly as though Tim is all of two years old. “This is the best place that they can be. And I’m sure there’s security around the hospital just in case of an emergency.”

Tim scoffs. “And just how good can their security be,” Tim says with a roll of his eyes. “There weren’t any metal detectors on the exit we came in through and the security cameras aren’t all working.” He scowls and crosses his arms in front of his chest, feeling the weight of his weapons shifting in the deep pockets of his light coat. “And no one’s even asked to see your badge yet.”

Dick shoves his hands in the pockets of his jacket and musters up a charming smile for Tim that has the younger man fighting back a smile of his own. “That’s because I look like a cop,” Dick says as he steps forward into Tim’s personal space until their bodies are almost pressed together. “I just command respect, or haven’t you noticed?”

Soft laughter bubbles unbidden from within Tim’s chest and he smiles up at Dick wide enough that he feels as though his cheeks are going to start hurting at any moment. “I know what you’re trying to do,” Tim says when he calms down from laughing, “You’re trying to distract me.”

“Is it working?” Dick asks, smiling down at Tim as though he talks sense into frustrated demons regularly. He rests one hand on the side of Tim’s hip, a few inches down from where the bullet wound had been, and rubs his thumb in small but completely distracting circles. “I don’t want you to be too wound up when you see your parents. Now that wouldn’t be healthy.”

Tim can’t help but be charmed by the older man’s easy presence and he musters another smile for Dick as the warmth of Dick’s hand seems to soak into his skin through his slacks. “I wish you weren’t going to meet my parents under these circumstances,” he says in a soft tone as Dick smiles down at him in a way that goes a long way to being comfortable, “They’re going to be angry and in so much pain.” He frowns. “They can’t do anything in a human hospital.”

Dick caresses Tim’s side one last time and then pulls back so that they’re not breathing the same air any longer. “I’m sure they’ll be fine for now,” he says and what should feel like an empty set of words actually seems to hold some weight coming from the older man. “And if you talk to their doctor, I’m sure you can get them transferred somewhere else where they’ll be safer.”

Tim smiles and then before he can remind himself why doing anything with Dick in such an unsafe place is a bad idea, Tim reaches up and pulls Dick down into a kiss. It’s a chaste kiss compared to other kisses that Tim has shared with other lovers, but the eager noise that Dick makes into his mouth goes along ways to assuage Tim’s worries.

When they pull apart, Dick is still smiling but there’s something deeper —something less controlled— in the depths of his bright blue eyes that thoroughly appeals to Tim’s demonic instincts.

“Come on,” Dick says in a voice that sounds rough to Tim’s ears, “We should go before they send out a search party to find us.”

Reluctantly, Tim lets Dick open the door that will send them both back out into the hallway. They can’t hold hands or touch for any longer than would be deemed normal because no matter what, Tim is still under suspicion in the killings and Dick is still the detective in charge of the case. It stings to have to hide what Dick has done —is doing— for him, but Tim knows better than to complain. If Dick gets caught being more than polite to Tim while the investigation is still on-going—

Tim shudders to think of the chaos and mud-slinging that might occur and the blow that Dick’s career will take if it ever comes out that Dick is entangled with a potential killer. He has his moment of introspection in a matter of moments and Dick doesn’t even notice a thing.

“We’re almost there,” Dick is saying when Tim tunes back in, “We just need to take the elevator up to the third floor and—”

Tim cuts Dick off as gently as he can. “Elevators aren’t the best idea right now,” he points out. “If anyone wants to get to us, an elevator would be the best way to do it. We’ll take the stairs.” Tim doesn’t mean to sound short with Dick, but this close to his parents Tim can feel their presence lingering in the periphery of his mind. He can almost feel their pain and that has him on edge.

Dick looks at Tim as though he’s planning on saying something, but then shakes his head. At the younger man’s questioning look, he elaborates. “It’s fine. A little exercise won’t kill us.”


Tim looks like his mother.

It’s one of the first things that Dick notices when he walks into the Drakes’ hospital room behind Tim and sees the two people laying down in clean white hospital beds. Both of the Drakes have dark hair, but Janet Drake is closer to Tim’s slight height and matches his figure more closely. At first, the older woman seems too tired to be awake, but when Tim gets closer to the bed, her eyes slide open to pin him with a steely grey-blue gaze.



Bucky/Stephanie - I was going to write this for quipquipquip ages ago, but it didn’t pan out even though I am totes able to see how this ship would work out

Bucky Barnes doesn’t make a habit of heading into questionable nightclubs with girls almost half his age. He really doesn’t. Usually.

But this girl is different. For one thing, she looks at him with interest instead of disgust when his . He can tell from the shrewd look in her bright blue eyes as she fishes her ID out of her pocket and holds it up to the bouncer that is taking his sweet time looking over Bucky’s own ID card. When the bouncer makes to wave her in —after spending a long time getting a good look at the girl’s cleavage— she doesn’t go in.

“What now,” the bouncer says, still keeping an eye on where Bucky is standing and glaring at him. “I said you can go in didn’t I?”

She shakes her head and jabs one finger at Bucky. “What about my boyfriend?”


Seeing you this way - scrapped from the porn star AU up on AO3 because that whole AU sort of makes me uncomfortable ugh

A week goes by before Tim sees Kon again.

Tim is busy —with class, with other models, with pretending that he’s a legitimate artist when his parents come by for their weekly visits— and he’s had to switch shoots with other photographers. It’s to the point where Tim finds himself actually looking forward to the cat and mouse game that he and Kon have been playing.


Boss lady in blue - BabsRenee from FemslashFeb last year

Renee is willing to bet her favorite pair of boots that not a lot of people get to hear Oracle talk to them like this.


Where There’s Smoke from a prompt that came from Lectorel that I never got very far on

The bite comes from a dying wolf.

One minute, Scott is crouching beside Stiles in a copse of prickly bushes and watching the Hale house burn to the ground and in the next, sharp teeth slice into his side and he hears his own pained wails join the ones coming from the burning house. The wolf that bites Scott is old and massive even though most of its huge body is a smoldering mess, and as it looks up at Scott with pain-filled crimson eyes, it seems to want to apologize.

Later, Scott will remember hearing the words I’m so sorry, child whispered directly into his head, but with the bite fresh and bleeding at his side, all that matters is scooting back on his hands as Stiles stares down at him in horror. Scott pitches backward, flinging himself away from the dying wolf and the 


Blueeyed Girls Selina/Diana - from Femslash feb last year

  • 20s Era AU - like steampunk but for jazz and prohibition and great wars being alluded to but not mentioned explicitly because I know what I can’t tackle certain things
  • Selina is the lead lounge singer at David


Prohibition comes to Gotham with a whimper, not a bang.

In New York City, gangsters butt heads with coppers and capes alike. Blood runs in the streets as booze flows in the back rooms of dark bars and refurbished teashops. Every day, some new gangster steps out to make a name out of the marked chaos stemming from prohibition only to go down in a blaze of gunshots and smoke. New York is a war zone and everyone with ears and access to a radio knows it.

Gotham City on the other hand…

On the surface, the city makes it look like Prohibition works just fine. Bars all shut down. Showgirls get back on trains heading back into the heartland. Nightclubs sell soda instead of shandies. Gotham’s elite makes noise and shake their fists at the speakeasies popping up by the dozen.

However, the seamy underbelly of Gotham City is just the opposite.

Prohibition comes into law on January 1920. At least six illegal speakeasies opened up in the next week, and those were just the ones that told Selina Kyle that they weren’t looking for a dame that could sing but wouldn’t

David Zavimbe and Jason Bard opened

Corrupt cops make 


Blueeyed Girls Snippets

Pamela sees the princess of the Amazons first. She sees Diana at the door, head bowed as she talks to the bouncer, and immediately sends Harley back to Selina’s dressing room.

Harley bounces into Selina’s dressing room ten minutes before showtime. She’s the least professional of the trio and it shows in the gapping buttons of her vest and the way that one of her stockings has a long run in it, but Selina will always have a soft spot for the young blond woman.

“We’ve got a VIP in the audience,” Harley says as she wraps her arms around Selina’s waist and lifts the other woman up in the air. “You’ve gotta make her feel welcome oa

Selina Kyle knows how to work a crowd.

She knows how to make the slumming snobs at the Gotham Girls’ main room pant after her and throw roses at her feet when she walks by. Even with diamonds practically dripping from her necklace and the bracelets at her wrists, Selina still reads as someone to be coddled and spoiled and given gifts.

elina Kyle knows that she looks good and she knows that


To sleep no more - BruceDick

VampireDick finds solace with a jaded priest named Bruce Wayne 


Richard misses many things.

His parents.

His family.

Walks in the, during the day when life is tinged with brightness.

But sometimes, the thing that Dick misses most is the simple comfort of putting his head down on a pillow to rest beside a lover for sleep. Vampires don’t sleep and even with all of his differences from the other vampires that drift through his life, Dick is no exception. He drifts into death when the sun rises, slumping to the side in one of his many safehouses


Criminal!Dick AU - was originally started for chyldea’s  birthday back in 2012 but got replaced by Little Red on AO3 because I didn’t think I could do the plot in time for their birthday.

Hardly anyone ever suspects the travelling circus show of harboring a thief within their midst. Dick would have gotten away with the information and more besides if not for a certain cape-wearing crimefighter.


The difference between personas is stunning.

When Dick does his bit as the Last Flying Grayson, he does it in bright colors. Bright colors help him capture the audience’s attention when he leaps toward his partner of the month. The bold blues and eye-searing yellow of his close fitting suit make sure that someone always remembers seeing him when the circus comes to town.

When Dick goes to his night job, his colors are far more subdued.

Figuring out the costuming required for becoming a semi-professional thief had been an exercise in trial and error, but he manages well enough in a dark blue suit. Even the little bright accents at his throat and at his wrists aren’t too noticeable. Most security footage comes in black and white even with this day’s tech and besides, no one looks at wrists when they’re picking a criminal out of a lineup.

At first glance, Dick looks nothing like the superheroes wandering around the country.

He doesn’t fit with the villains either.

Dick isn’t showy, not really. He keeps his moves tight and bland enough that no one can look at blurry footage from a security camera and pinpoint their origin. He’s smart enough to wear a mask that doesn’t immediately smack of wrongdoing or being a vigilante, opting for a sleek slash of black cloth over his eyes that can be easily looked over by passersby. Domino masks are so last year.

In six years, Dick has been caught a grand total of two times.

Once by the cops in Miami when he lingered too long on one of his earliest heists. Of course, Dick never made it into the cop car, much less the police station

Once by Superman himself when Dick dared to hook up with a partner for the first time in years. Midway through a wild rooftop race with his long-gone partner, Superman had snatched him up by the loose little hood in the back of his suit. Two hours later and a lecture later, Dick had come out with the knowledge that he’d never try to run another heist in Metropolis.

This brings Dick to his most recent job and a musty Wayne Enterprises computer lab in Gotham City.

Dick doesn’t get caught.

Not unless he wants to risk ruining his reputation as one of the best information brokers in the country. And it’s that reputation that has him hanging from a supporting beam with two LexCorp drives in his pocket and his current employer muttering instructions at him from a small ear piece.

“Will you please shut up,” Dick hisses loud enough that Luthor can hear him through the tiny microphone in the one end of the ear piece. “I can’t work with you fussing in my ear. I know what you want me to do,


Bruce is at a loss with what to do with the small child currently looking up at him from a nest of soft blue blankets. The baby is judging him, it seems, with his blue eyes narrowing as Bruce looms over his basket and stares down at him. Several spit bubbles later, the infant doesn’t seem that impressed by Bruce and he rolls over as best as he can in the confines of the basket. He’s 


Now Entering (The Uncanny Valley) - the third in a series of android!Damian stories started for amberspirit that I dropped after all around interest (mine, theirs, that of my readers) tanked

Damian knows full well what he is.

He is a carefully crafted work of art and artificial intelligence created by a man who wouldn’t know how to do good by his flesh and blood sons if he downloaded the information directly to his brain. He is synthetic skin and carbon bones shaped into a child’s body with the mind of an adult. He is Dick Grayson’s newest brother. He is…

Just a robot and he should get used to that.


Lift - BruceDick

AU - New employee/mail room clerk Dick Grayson gets stuck in an elevator with the big boss, Bruce Wayne, CEO (59)


It’s all about who you know.

Dick knows Helena Bertinelli from the school he volunteers at in between rushing to and from job interviews. Helena knows Renee Montoya who works at the GCPD. Renee is close to (and possibly dating) Tiffany Fox, daughter of the head of Wayne Enterprise’s R&D. After that, it’s just a matter of sounding pathetic enough when he’s talking to his friends and their friends that Dick’s name is the first one they think of when jobs open up in their sectors.

Two weeks after he first meets Renee and Tiffany for lunch at one of Gotham City’s many little niche restaurants, Dick gets a

Dick is the first person to find out when 


No one in the neighborhood calls her Leticia.

No one.

Not her parents.

 Not her sisters.

Not even the wannabe bullies at her high school. Lettie hasn’t been “Leticia” to anyone other than her abuela since she was christened and that’s how she likes it. Lettie is one of the boys. She gets to run with the gangs and shoot craps on the dark alley behind the neighborhood corner store. Lettie gets to decide what she wears, gets to choose between baggy black pants and dresses with bright flowers everywhere. Being Lettie instead of Leticia feels like she’s free

Dominic Toretto walks into Lettie’s 


Dick flirts like he breathes: constantly and without realizing that he’s doing it. Jason has had over a year to deal with the jealousy that came up from the (mostly harmless) instances of Dick flirting around him. Tim — Tim gets dumped into the deep end at a fancy party downtown.


The thing is, that Dick doesn’t always know when he’s flirting. He’s just like that with everyone he meets, flirting even when they’re currently trying to kick his ass or kill him. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

Few people ever leave Nightwing without gaining a smile and a flirtatious comment from him. Fewer people still miss out on that same facet of his personality when Dick’s himself without a mask covering his eyes.

The kind of guy Dick is, he’d manage to flirt at his own funeral. Most of the time, he doesn’t even seem to realize he’s doing it until Jason points it out once they’re back home and getting ready for bed or patrol. If there’s one thing that Jason is used to, it’s Dick’s ceaseless flirting. It’s harmless enough and Jason’s secure enough that he usually gets a little bit of an ego boost from knowing that out of all the people that Dick flirts with, he’s the one that gets to go home with Dick.

But Tim —

This thing they have with Tim is barely two months old. Tim doesn’t get to wake up to Dick’s horrible singing in the shower. He sleeps on the couch when he does sleep over, and he’s so 


Partners in Crime - SelinaBruceDick


Selina waits until they’re back home before starting on Dick.

"You could have been hurt, Dick," she says, glancing over at where her partner is unlacing his boots in the living room. "Wayne could have shot you. He could have taken you from me.” Selina slams the palm of her hand into the granite counter hard enough that it stings and she glares at Dick. “I saved your ass in the alley, but that was luck. If I hadn’t been there, what —”

Dick frowns at Selina. “I’d have been fine,” he insists. “It’s not like Bruce would’ve hurt me. He’s a good guy.”

Selina sighs and resists the urge to rub at the space between her eyebrows. “And we’re jewel thieves, Dick,” she says. “It’s his job to take us out. Just because he’s never shot us before, that doesn’t mean that he won’t start now.” Selina gives Dick a narrow-eyed look. “Just because he’s cute, that doesn’t mean that you can bare your throat to him. Jesus, Dick!”

"He wouldn’t shoot me," Dick says, voice hushed.

"Dick," Selina says as she glances over at her younger partner and tries to keep from flying over and crushing him to her chest, "I thought I was going to lose you." There’s sadness in her voice and Selina doesn’t want to think about what could have happened, but she has to. “Do you know what Gotham prisons are like?”

Dick rises to his feet and then curls his index finger in the zipper of his suit. He tugs the zip down several inches until his suit hangs open and starts to scratch at his stomach as though he’s not in the middle of a conversation. “I know, Selina,” he says softly, “But I don’t think Bruce would have really shipped me off to Blackgate. I didn’t have anything on me and my prints aren’t on the books. He’ d have had to let me go —”



Trophy - scrapped because this is an actual recurring theme with Bruce/Dick shippers and I was tired of it (also I think this was done at a time when I was feeling very fragile about my audience reception and I didn’t want to put the work in only to get ignored with a lengthy AU)

After meeting at a charity performance with his troupe, Dick Grayson enters into a whirlwind romance with Gotham City billionaire Bruce Wayne. Three weeks into their frantic and passionate romance, Bruce proposes marriage while they’re taking a vacation in Las Vegas and Dick can do nothing else but accept.

This is the story of how Dick goes from a struggling performer to the husband of one of the richest men in the country.

(Bruce had a previous relationship with Talia and Damian exists. Society treats Dick like a trophy spouse and Lex Luthor is attractive but also hella scummy about hitting on Dick. Bruce is a lighter, less broody batman and Jason was his first sidekick as Bluejay)


At first, the post-show hum after his troupe’s first major show in Gotham seems like any other.

With the crowds outside still thrumming with excitement from another excellent show, Dick Grayson makes his way back to the tiny dressing room that he shares with three other aerialists in the troupe. Dick doesn’t have to do much dodging though, none of the big shots that rush backstage after their shows are ever interested in talking to him.

But who can blame them, Dick thinks as he walks past the troupe’s most popular performers being interviewed by several reporters. Dick is good, maybe even better than they are when it comes to his routine, but everyone else doesn’t come with the morbid baggage that comes from being the last living member of the Flying Graysons. The only time people rush to interview him after their shows is when the anniversary of his parents’ death looms in the distance.

Why should this show be any different? The thought makes Dick huff softly and tug at the edges of his sleeves. Bitterness doesn’t exactly look good on him and Dick knows it, but it’s not like anyone is paying any attention to him…

But before Dick can get into a really good funk and head off to the dressing rooms in back of the theatre, he hears someone calling his name.

"Dick! Slow down!" Raya nearly bowls 


I just caught up with Batwing (up to eighteen) and like the last bit of internal monologue we get from David where he goes “The time has come for people to die…” made me want a confrontation with Bruce in the event that he does actually kill people and it doesn’t get addressed in the book. I just have dialogue so far and I’m sure I won’t write more of it, but I wanted to get this out.


“Their blood is on your hands,” Batman says, snarling at David as though he’s a caged animal instead of a man. “I saw the reports of what you did. Killing makes you no better than the criminals you’re fighting.” Batman crosses his arms over his chest and sneers at David. “If you wear the bat, you don’t kill. You don’t cross that line and become a—”

David interrupts with

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