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I think I've finally figured out how to write a lot and have a life while I was at it.

I mean, here we are 18 days into Nanowrimo and I've got less than 10k left to write. Normally, any attempts at writing a lot end in me stressed out and sad and basically locked indoors with everything falling by the wayside (up to and including food consumption and hygiene). But not this time. I've gotten regular showers, regular meals, and hell, on Sunday I went and saw a play that my friend was in.

And I'm still here doing homework for my last online class and working on my last wee commissions in between nano. I go out and do stuff on the island and it just feels so good. I don't think I've ever done something like this before.

And holy crap I've been reading. Not so much fanfiction except for 1D stuff (because it's really not that hard to parse when I'm tired and I kind of just pretend it's original fiction half the time) but I have been lurking on Amazon and basically every time a new urban fantasy book comes up on the site I flip through it and put it on my kindle.

I just feel super accomplished right now. Ugh. I'm almost done with Nano and I've got something I'm working on for publication. And I went out with human beings that weren't related to me. Life is not terrible. I feel good about myself. What's going on here???