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  • Today marks the start of of my nieces' spring break so tomorrow my sister is getting me and I'll be there until Monday at the least.
  • Tomia broke a bone in her thumb while using her scooter so she has a sling for the foreseeable future. I'm sure she's absolutely miserable since that means that she has to play and eat and bathe with her non-dominant hand. I'm still walking with my dolls so we can at least try to play together before I drown her in endless amounts of monster high.
  • Here are some pictures of my little nieces (including the newest one by way of another sister figure in my life)
  • The next substitute teaching clearance day for me to get my file started is April 5th. All I need are reference letters from people, a blank check, and to take in the stuff to get finger printing. So by April 10th I might have a job provided the background check goes through and they're still hiring.
  • Warehouse 13 is really good and I want HG Wells and  Myka to be a couple. They're so close already. It'd just take a little nudge. It's also really nice because it's a mostly non-problematic show that revolves around family and platonic friendships on top of the sci-fi theme. Gosh, how is this the first time I'm watching it.
  • Also Archer has been a guilty pleasure even though it's a terrible show.
  • I'm going to see a roller derby show with my oldest florida friend and honorary adoptive sister Shannile on the 30th. We got the tickets for $10 on Pride (I still have to put up the pics and vid from that) and if one of my nieces wants to go, I'll pay for a kiddie ticket.
  • I wrote almost 3500 words of Tim/Kon porn for a tumblr friend and it's up on Tumblr and AO3
  • Also Blue Beetle tentacle porn
  • And I'm partway through writing what will hopefully be 5000 words of Red Hood and the Outlaws fix it fic for a commission (the commissioner knows that I'm going the heck overboard with this).  I'm so excited! This is going to be wonderful and porny!
  • Also today CBR confirmed that DC had lost a writer over news that they were killing off John Stewart (the black GL if you're not in the know) and then the internet promptly lost their shit (myself included of course). Currently Bleedingcool is reporting that due to the overwhelmingly negative reaction that the public had to the potential that we'd be losing our lone Black GL, DC has pulled the plug on it. Hopefully, CBR can confirm that too because if the trend of killing off iconic characters of color carries up over at DC, we'll be down to nothing by the end of the year since they've already killed off a bunch of heroes so far and Damian was the most recent. I'm still done, done, DONE with DC, but this is still decent news.
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One of my followers is doing a paper on race and gender in comics and they asked for my help with academic sources. Since this is the only place I can post stuff like this without seriously borking the format, that's what's under the cut.


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 And it's really cute!

Out of 6 stories, only one didn't give me positive feelings and it's the one that's basically the cover story. 

I'm going to save the actual talking points of this issue for Valentine's Day (with a download link for anyone interested because it's an $8 comic book and no one has the money for that in this economy), but I'm really happy about one thing in particular and that can't wait to be shared. Take a look at someone who might well be a recurring character in Dick Grayson's book after the current event (as well as a future love interest I hope):

This is Ursa Major who in the blurb for the book released is supposed to be one of Lucius Fox's daughters. I'm not sure which one, but I don't even care at this point because she's so cute and it's so nice to see Dick falling all over himself for her because a) the whole Black beauty being recognized almost never happens without caveats and b) because wow, Dick should fall for ladies more often regardless of who they are because it makes me happy.

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I really don't like the comic book industry 

Not Marvel. Not DC. I barely like the books I read from other publishers at this point and sometimes the only thing keeping me reading is rage and disbelief. Rage that an industry that has been running for 70+ years isn't as good as it could be. And disbelief every time things get worse.

t's better than it was, but considering that better still means endless amounts of fridged women and POC and stereotypes and wink-wink jokes about how women can't really be a part of the industry or the culture that still exist and are still pedaled in varying amounts by major people in comics...

Better isn't good enough.


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