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 And it's really cute!

Out of 6 stories, only one didn't give me positive feelings and it's the one that's basically the cover story. 

I'm going to save the actual talking points of this issue for Valentine's Day (with a download link for anyone interested because it's an $8 comic book and no one has the money for that in this economy), but I'm really happy about one thing in particular and that can't wait to be shared. Take a look at someone who might well be a recurring character in Dick Grayson's book after the current event (as well as a future love interest I hope):

This is Ursa Major who in the blurb for the book released is supposed to be one of Lucius Fox's daughters. I'm not sure which one, but I don't even care at this point because she's so cute and it's so nice to see Dick falling all over himself for her because a) the whole Black beauty being recognized almost never happens without caveats and b) because wow, Dick should fall for ladies more often regardless of who they are because it makes me happy.

Cut for spoilers )