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I've got my priorities down flat, y'all.

I'm thinking 10+ drabbles set in a universe where Harley, Ivy, and Selina are detectives, lovers, and the last defense against supernatural threats that plague Gotham.

Lady focused but not just cis ladies. I'm planning for stuff like genderqueer!femme!Harley who takes whatever form feels right at the moment and dresses in cute things while killing other demons and for Alysia Yeoh to be a supernatural force in the city (maybe as a sidhe exile banished around the same time as Ivy?? Or a werehyena omg!!!) working with Cass and Barbara.

And of course, there'd be special appearances by Zatanna and Madam Xanadu and seriously, no Batman references. Maybe a few Bruce ones because he's such an integral part of Selina's life even when we're in Elseworlds, but not big ones because that's not what I'm bout right now.

Also racebent!Selina with my go-to faceclaim of Halle Berry because she was totally a werecat in that movie and I won't hear otherwise.

Aside from Harley/Ivy/Selina, I also am thinking about Babs/Alysia or Cass/Alysia, and Renee/vampire!Helena among other pairings. This is fly by pants stuff though so idk if I'll get to do everything I want to do, but I'm really excited!!!

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Oh god I'm so not sure I can get to finish my rough draft in time.

I wound up adding more to my outline and so even though I've written 2400 words today and will write a ton more, I still am lagging behind. This is due like tonight and it's more like I have 60% done instead of 80%.

And my title sucks.
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Since I still have the hiatus code up on my main main tumblr blog and Angie and I are sharing a serious blog on the site, I don't exactly have many places to post serious life-affirming no-more-bullshit posts.

But this is my mid-year's resolution and I'm sticking to it with fandom because you know what, the people that know I don't like them don't let it bother them or change how they deal with fandom, so why should I? I'm going to have fun in the DCU fandom because it's got good comics somewhere and I love the characters and the group of people I do actually surround myself with. So this is my mid-year's resolution and I'm going to stick to it even if it means adding a whole lot of people/terms to my tumblr savior list because I deserve to be happy and I have the means to make myself happy.


I can't change your opinion.

Sure, I can try. I can write posts about my side and my feelings and how much it hurts that people don't like me for arbitrary reasons such as disliking ships or BNFs or celebs that they like. I can even make videos with my face in them as though looking at my sad face will change the fact that people don't like me.

There's a lot that I can change in my life, but as for changing your opinion of me?

I think, it's sinking in slowly that I can't do that.

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I've been on a roll lately with the topic of fandom and feedback and now I'm doing a survey.

If you participate in fandom via creating work (any work at all!), please check out this survey I'm doing. I'll post graphs and analysis in the weeks to come and no personal or identifying details are necessary. So far results are a little different than I expected and I really look forward to going over them in depth. 

Survey here!

Here's the Tumblr post to reblog so I can get a larger sample size, but feel free to share this any way that you want so that I can get the largest possible sample size. (And if someone would be a dear and ask the Organization of Transformative Works if this is something they'd be interested in sharing/retweeting, that'd be great since thinking about doing that gives me chills.)

Note: If you're the kind of person who thinks that fannish people shouldn't want recognition for working hard and using their talents for fandom, don't tell me that you feel that way. I've already gone through it once for the night and it wasn't cute the first time.

Tentative Questions I'm looking to answer in part or full (New as of 6/25 @ 11AM): 
  1. What common factors seem to lead to fandom satisfaction?
  2. What common factors seem to lead to fandom dissatisfaction?
  3. How widespread is fandom satisfaction and which fandoms represented in the survey have the most positive responses and experience? 
  4. Ditto for fandom dissatisfaction and negatives.
  5. How does the age of the fandom have anything to do with things like popularity/feedback? (this one requires legwork after the survey results are in.)
  6. Does the length of participation in fandom link up to fandom satisfaction?
  7. How does popularity (marked in this survey by people who had positive responses the categories feedback received, self-assigned level in fandom, and followers for starters) measure up with satisfaction? (This is going to be a little difficult but I want to see if there's a link between the two)
  8. In the responses of people who filled in the explanation section for dissatisfaction, what common words or phrases show up most often?
  9. How can I get access to the people that took the survey so far to get the positive responses to fill out an addendum?
After I collect data and go to different fandom communities as a lurker to look at fandom satisfaction all over the internet, I'm probably going to do another survey so I can look deeper at the results. I realized after the fact that I forgot to put in the explanation section for people who are happy with their fandom experience so far so the second survey would definitely have something to that effect since at the amount of respondents so far, I couldn't possibly add another answer set.


ETA: Because apparently, mentioning my personal feelings about feedback equals "weighting" the questions/survey to get a specific answer (so not true). I've removed the initial why for my focusing on fandom and have replaced it with the current list of the questions I will be working on answering or coming close to answering because I may not get the fandom sample size that I want. 
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as my interest dies.

Note: If you're just going to reblog this/comment to complain about how I don't know anything about race, the film/television industry, or comic book culture/history, please just move on by. This post is not for you and you won't learn a damn thing from it.

Maybe I am in fact being a little pessimistic with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it's all because of Joss Whedon's body of work (of which I'm not entirely a fan despite being well familiar with it). I prefer to complain now and possibly be pleasantly surprised later than buy into the hype and have Whedon disappoint me for the nth time.

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I really don't like the comic book industry 

Not Marvel. Not DC. I barely like the books I read from other publishers at this point and sometimes the only thing keeping me reading is rage and disbelief. Rage that an industry that has been running for 70+ years isn't as good as it could be. And disbelief every time things get worse.

t's better than it was, but considering that better still means endless amounts of fridged women and POC and stereotypes and wink-wink jokes about how women can't really be a part of the industry or the culture that still exist and are still pedaled in varying amounts by major people in comics...

Better isn't good enough.


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