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I told you... I'm not the girl you think I am.

Resources Used:
Images came from Fatale by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (with the focal point of the image coming from issue six specifically)
The font used was Austie Bost Rest of Our Lives
Texture came from here and was layered over a gray-scaled layer put above the layers for the pictures in the background.

As always, choosing and cleaning the images I used remains the hardest and most frustrating part of making graphics. I finished this earlier in the week but forgot to post it here.

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Way too much woman for you?

Images came from the Power Girl series that ended in 2012. No textures, brushes, or smart objects were used in this very basic graphic.

(I forgot to post this here when I made it two months ago...)

ETA: I don't know what happened to the original image but I'll upload it elsewhere when I find it again and repost. Ah!
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"You want guilt? My name's Zatanna Zatara. I'm a spellaholic."
Special thanks to Sam who talked me through this on twitter and helped my first attempt at graphic making come out pretty well after several hours in Photoshop. It's a good first start and I'm hopeful that I'll get better with time and lots of practice. (Click the picture for a larger version.)


Images from Zatanna issues 5 and 7.
Top Font:  Champagne & Limousine
Script Font: Marcelle
Frame template from here.