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Anything older than a year is getting dumped here because I’m cleaning out my WIP folder since I have no time and very little desire to write most of the things within that heaping mess of a folder. Some of these things are older than a year and/or have been posted in earlier WIP dumps but then got placed back in the folder because I swore I’d write them but I swear I’m not going to do that again.

If anything catches your eye as a story starter or w/e, feel free to run with it because I’m putting these into my scrapped folder and probably won’t touch them again until I’m like 80. 

Pairings/Characters + Content: Lois/Clark/Dick, Ted/Michael/Jaime (implied underage), Joker + Harley, Tim Drake, Roy/Dick (sexist slur in title + implied alcohol consumption), Kyle/Donna/Jason (angst + self-loathing), Jason/Tim, Loki, Dick/Tim (dismissive imagery about hospitals and people in hospitals, ugh), Bucky/Stephanie, Tim/Kon (from the porn star AU), Renee/Barbara, future Scott/Stiles (animal/wereperson death), Selina/Diana, Harley/Ivy, Bruce/Dick (vampire AU where Bruce is a priest), future Bruce/Dick (criminal!Dick AU), Bruce + bb!Damian, Android!Damian, BruceDick (office AU), Dom/Lettie pre-relationship/pre-series stuff, Jason/Dick/Tim (jealousy, poly issues), Selina/Dick + future Selina/Bruce/Dick (Dick-as-Selina’s-sidekick AU), Bruce/Dick (AU where Jason is the first Robin and Dick is Bruce’s “trophy husband”, Batwing Stuff

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Project Title: Fade to Black
Rating: PG-13 to a low R
Warnings: suggestive content
Pairings: Jason/Tim, Bruce/Dick, David/Dick, Bruce/Talia, and, Cass/Onyx
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Talia al Ghul, Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, Onyx, David Zavimbe
Beta Credit: welcometodelphi


Five different Batfamily-centered drabbles that follow the tried and true Harlequin romance novel style of ending romance or sex scenes scenes right before the best part.
When good parts start, it’s time to fade to black.

Author Notes:

I’ve been catching up with my Harlequin romances and that put me in the mood to try my hand at it myself (even though my stories are already pretty close as it is as far as AUs and goopy prose is concerned). Hence writing five stories that kind of nod at different tropes used in Harlequin romance novels.

The titles for the stories are the titles for the books that each story would be from if they were part of actual Harlequin romance novels.

Separated into different posts so that people don’t have to scroll past things they don’t ship, it’ll take me two and a half weeks to post all five chapters if I post one drabble every time I’m supposed to update this blog.

(Currently, the links don't work. I'll be linking to the stories on AO3 ASAP)

Jason/Tim - The Bodyguard’s Close Call
Bruce/Dick - Catch Me If You Want Me
David/Dick - His Consort’s Request
Talia/Bruce - Not A Damsel In Sight
Cass/Onyx - Make Her Sweat